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"She talks about you like you put the stars in the sky"

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-This campus is ridiculous it “went green” and wants us to compost everything so all the regular trash cans say landfill but the only compost cans I’ve seen on campus are in the Susq dining hall

-I plugged in my phone around 8 and fucking blew out all the outlets in our room. We had to put in a maintenance call. And then we went over to one of the guys’ dorms on our floor to see if they still had power and they did and we wound up hanging out there for like an hour. There are three kids that live in the room we were in - Nick, Sabry, and Tyler - but only Nick was in there and then these two kids Mike and Brendan who also live on the floor and a guy named Taylor who lives one floor up. They were playing some basketball game and a fifa game on xbox but they were pretty fun to hang out with. Mike is dumb as hell but he’s funny and Nick was cute, they’re all hilarious. Oh and then this kid Marcus showed up and he’s quite attractive - apparently all the girls were fawning over him at orientation. 

-Hailee and I talked for a while tonight again. It was cool. She’s never eaten at Panera before she said her mom won’t take her and I was like I will take you Panera was like half my diet at home. I feel kinda bad for her though like she never had a real group of friends in high school. She said she had her cheer friends but after cheerleading season was over she stopped hanging out with them and she really only has her boyfriend (who’s at basics) and like her one best friend and a few acquaintances. But I love talking to her so hopefully we’ll get close.

-Also I figured out why/how Hailee goes to bed so early. She’s got a medical issues (some like acid problem with her stomach - she like almost got cancer) so she has to take medicine for it and it’s drowsy so it like puts her right to sleep. Also I dropped the “I’m anemic and sometimes faint if I don’t eat enough” bomb but she’s hypoglycemic so if her blood sugar gets too low she has the same problem, though she’s never actually passed out before. So I am in the clear and it didn’t freak her out!

-I probably tell you guys way too much about Hailee so if you ever meet her you don’t know most of this.

-I have lab tomorrow (UGH) and three hour band rehearsal. Band ends at 6:30 so literally right from there I’m hopping in my car and heading up to Jersey. I literally have no idea if anyone still in Howell reads this but I’m gonna drive fast and try to make it back for some of the Howell game. I’m definitely gonna miss halftime but I’m aiming to at least see some of fourth quarter and just say hi to everybody.

Also I am ecstatic about Gilmore Girls finally being put on Netflix I fucking loved that show so much and I haven’t watched any episodes in literally forever.



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10 9 / 2014

"You’d be surprised what small, everyday things can lift us out of despair. But nobody can do it for you. You’re the one who has to watch for the open door."

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sorry boys, but I already got my eyes on a guy who’s not interested

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